Archbishop Alexander (Nehodenko)

Glory to Jesus Christ, dear brothers and sisters!

I want to remind you once again one of the main thoughts, which was brought by Jesus Christ. It is the idea that a person who believes in the Truth must not be blind. I want to lay the stress on the idea that he has to be spiritual and one who can see everything. Why? Because he/she has to see the world around us. Jesus all the time stressed that and told: “That scribes who live only according to strict laws can listen, but can’t hear; they can look, but can’t see. ” It is a big sin in God’s eyes.

I also want to add that every person, who visits a Church, believes in God has to be spiritual and not blind, and see everything that is happening. But you mustn’t judge, but you have to divide dark and light. It is the main duty of a man, who considers himself as a Christian, who serves the Truth. Jesus reminded us many times about it. Why? Because at that times there were a lot of scribes and Pharisees and now they still exist. And maybe now we have even more such people. Because in Ukraine every second or third person has a university education, thanks to God. For all post-Soviet countries it is very high level. We are happy with it, but some big traps happen because of this. A person, who read much and has some sort of a gift, starts to do very abnormal things. Jesus told about it all the time. And I will remind you now His words: “Judge from the doings.” It is the main thing.

If you read the Bible, you can often find this reminding. Why did Jesus say this? Because He wanted to approve in human soul a desire to be higher than earthly society, very material society. To be higher, because He brought great knowledge, spiritual knowledge to people.

If a blind person uses this knowledge, he will do bad things. That is why Jesus all the time reminded and I want to remind you today: Judge not from words, but from doings every person. Look on the doings of bishop Oleksandr, not only on the words. Look on the doings of bishop Vasyliy or bishop Mykolai, not only on the words. This is the main rule that has to be for our soul. I remind you and ask you – remember about that.

Our country has very difficult times right now. Our community also has trials. But I want to say you that that one will save his soul who will give it for the Lord, for light. And that one who will keep only material and physical will lose it. This is a spiritual alphabet, but we sometimes forget this alphabet and become just simple people. We are weak and we understand that. We are not perfect and we understand that too. But in our soul has to be a great desire to follow the light. Not the darkness, but the light – this is the main in our soul. This saves us, whatever we do.

Yes, we sin. We confess and we sin again in the same way. We suffer because of it. But if a person has the Light, the lighthouse, which shows the way to God, this is a saved person. Sooner or later he will come to Light; he will not fall into the darkness. That is why as the saying goes about that people who say much and do little that they are blind. And the blind leads the other blind and they eventually will fall into the hole. We are not happy with this, but it is the Universe Truth, which was created not by us. And we can’t abolish it.

That is why I remind you once again: “Judge people from the doings.” All who are near you and everything what happens around you. And let the Lord gives you a chance not to be blind. Because spiritual and not blind person is a person who goes across the right road. Let this road be right, light, because it is the only way that leads to the Truth, to God.

Let the Lord save you all.