On October 18, in the Kyiv Teachers' House, the representatives of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Canonical took part in the All-Ukrainian Forum of Family. The Church actively supports social and politics figures, who fight to save traditional Christian family values of Ukrainian people. The classical institution of the family step by step transforms in the dangerous form for every Christian under the influence of "developed Europe". The corner stone of the society is the Ukrainian family, which can be deformed by the laws. That is why, not indifferent representatives of our society have organized the All-Ukrainian Forum of Family with the aim to save Christian family, to save moral and the health of our people.

The organizers were Pavlo Ungurian - the MP of Ukraine, Adrian Bukovynskiy - the lector and social leader, Serhiy Tihipko - vice Prime Minister and the social policy minister of Ukraine, Yuri Pavlenko - children's ombudsman in Ukraine, Viktor Andruschenko - the rector of Dragomanov National Teachers' Training University, academician of NAPS of Ukraine, the representatives of religious and social organizations, the workers of the local state authorities, the scientists, the employees of educational institutions.

Forum started its work with the prayer for Ukraine and greetings to all participants and guests. Organizers briefly described the purpose and need of the All-Ukraine Forum of the Family. Speakers told about the acute problems of modern family: poorness, drunkenness, drug addiction, forced emigration of Ukrainian people. Also was told about the fact that Ukrainian families are destroying and as the result - 50% of the marriages fall down in very short period of time. "Save family - save Ukraine" - this expression appeared in every next speech. Participants emphasized that state authorities must adopt laws that protect the base of society - family, but with its inaction and indifference they bring it to the self-destruction.

The representatives of the UAOC-C were Tamara Osadcha, Halyna Bondarenko and Tetiana Kozia. They shared their experience about the work of our Church in the education institutions of Kyiv; the lectures were about healthy way of life. Speakers showed photos, spread information cards and specific literature.

Next, the participants of the forum were divided in few groups, where they talked about difficult situations with which every family can face and they proposed different ways out.

The participants of the group "The modern danger for the family" paid attention to the imperfect laws, which were adopted under the influence of anti-family forces; such laws ruin the base of the family, undermining the authority of parents by providing child rights without even some duties. Due to these laws the schooling for work is considered like the exploitation of child, which may even lead to deprivation of fatherhood.

The "Education group" worked out the program was made, to give the opportunity to teach Christian ethics in the education institutions; that will allow us to prepare the youth for the conscious attitude to marriage and responsible parenthood. It was proposed to create the Analytical Center, where people would do the monitoring of school books, TV shows; they would make laws, which will protect Ukrainian family. It was also proposed to organize the courses of professional development for teachers, and a spiritual institution of spiritual development.

The "Family politics" group proposed to reestablished the Family and Youth Ministry. It was mentioned that it is necessary to make and implement a law about the family policies, to create the state institute of the family, to prepare specialists, who could teach young people the basis of family life and responsible parenthood.

It is a pity that today in Ukraine, which has always been characterized by high moral, the spiritual and moral crisis of society grows. To avoid this trouble state authorities must understand it and to be ruled by the thought: "Save family - save Ukraine", only then their actions would be directed at the spiritual improvement of the nation and happy future of Ukraine.