July 12, 2012 the representatives of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Canonical took part in the meeting of the Commission of social service of All Ukrainian Council of Churches and religious organizations in Kyiv. At the meeting were considered the conception and strategy, developed by joint efforts of the Alliance "Ukraine without orphans" and Commission of social service, about the participation of Churches and religious organizations of Ukraine in providing a child with the right to life in a family and in overcoming the social orphan hood for a period of 2012-2020.

The best environment for the development of a child is family - father and mother, on whom God laid the main responsibility for bringing up children. Orphanhood, by definition, is not only social, but also a spiritual problem. Therefore only with the active participation of Churches and religious organizations our country can overcome this phenomenon and indeed to become a country without orphans. It is a necessary step on a way to the spiritual renovation and welfare of our society.

The representative of the UAOC-C, Tamara Osadcha, shared the experience of our Church with the participants of the meeting. It is a help to large families, visit to the orphan homes, giving lectures in educational institutions about the role of family in education of children, organization and realization of actions against abortions in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Canonical is ready to co-operate in future with all, who protects the children-orphans, children, deprived of paternal care, and children who are in difficult situations. Since every child has a large value and absolute right to full development and realization of the potential given by the Creator.