On Sunday, May 3, 2012 in the Cathedral of Transfiguration of the Lord of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Canonical the celebration of the International Children's Day took place.

This is one of the oldest international holidays. The decision on its celebration was adopted in 1925 at the International conference in Geneva, which was dedicated to the problems of the prosperity of children. After the World War II, when the problems of children's health and prosperity were of immediate interest, in 1949 in Paris the women congress took place, where the swear about the tireless fight for the securing the peace as one of the guarantees for children's happiness was declared. June 1, 1950 the celebrations of the first International Children's Day took place. Now the Children's Day is celebrated yearly. It is officially celebrated in Ukraine since 1998, when the President signed the respective decree by the initiative of the Ministry of Ukraine for Family and Youth Affairs, the All-Ukrainian committee for protection of children, the National fund for social protection of mothers and children "Ukraine for children" and other non-governmental organizations.

This year exactly on the Holy Trinity day the community of the UAOC-C congratulated children and in their person all the children of Ukraine on the holiday which calls to love children and take care of this God's gift.

Their fate depends on our attention, love and education. And if we bring up children in peace and love and with mercy, show our own example of Christian life, they will change our life for the better.

Songs singing during the celebrations created unusual atmosphere of mysteriously distant and at the same time such close childhood for all who was present on a holiday. Not one generation sang those songs. But this time for the well-known melody was taken a new text which the enthusiasts of the community wrote with an idea about children.

Cheerfully and confidently children stepped with a song, feeling love and anxiety about themselves, adults smiled, having seeing the happy faces of children. Lord touched each heart, reminding that it is a God's holiday and that all of us are the Divine children, who were born for love and good on the Earth.