On Sunday, December 23, a fabulous performance devoted to the Saint Nicholas Day was put after the Divine Liturgy in the Transfiguration of the Lord Cathedral of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Canonical. Children were visited by the fairy forest animals, who demonstrated the good example of kindness and friendly attitude towards each other. They all found retreat in the warm mitten, as they showed the warm of the soul and sympathy during very cold winter frost. It was the didactic part of the story. Later, children together with fantastic guests decorated the Christmas tree and then called their heaven guardian, who helps all good, polite, obedient children and brings presents and sweets.

Finally, long-expected moment came and it could be heard kids' voices: "Saint Nicholas! Saint Nicholas!" He was quick to appear, bringing full bag of gifts, together with the animals. Kids recite poems, sang songs to get the present.

The faces of all the present people shined with happiness and gladness, everyone liked fabulous performance. The kids believed in miracle, performed by Saint Nicholas and were taught mercy by the Saint.

Saying good-bye, the Wonderworker said he knew that all Ukrainian kids had good hearts, loved God and their Motherland and he was very happy when people helped him to do good things.