20 May 2012, in Kyiv two thousand Ukrainians took part in the social festival "All together for the family", which became the triumph of victory of the social and religious organizations in the common opposition against the leading of gay pride parade on the streets of capital of Ukraine.

Representatives of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Canonical were the co- organizers of carrying of this festival and together with other defenders of family values went the festival column along the central squares of Kyiv. Fathers and mothers with kids, musicians, sportsmen, teachers came to blame the propaganda of unisexual relationships and proclaim the healthy family values.

The decoration of the festival became the column of brides in the wedding dresses and bridegrooms in the suits. With slogans: "Mother, father and I - happy family", "Man and woman is the full value family", "Homosexuality - No", "Healthy family - healthy Ukraine". The column filled the center of Kyiv.

During the festival the signatures about the law of prohibition of propaganda of the sodomy were collected. More than thousand people signed up the demand to the Ukrainian parliamentarians to protect Christian values and God blessed family relationships which were professed by Ukrainians from the remotest times.