The best incentive to the development of creative spirit is happiness, which a child feels, when it sees its own work. That it why in the Sunday school, in the Cathedral of Transfiguration of the Lord of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Canonical, priests and teachers try to awake in the children's souls love to the beautiful and desire to recreate this wonderful world on the basis of spiritual knowledge.

Every Sunday morning Orthodox Christians come to the Temple for common prayer, confession and cleaning of their souls through the Holy Communion of the God's Body and Blood. Adults know that it is difficult for active children to stand still during the whole Liturgy, which they do not understand yet and start to rag, languish and constantly distract the parents from the prayer. That is why in order to learn the basis of the Christian faith, comprehension of love to God, upbringing the children in the spirit of the Christian piety, the priests carry out interesting spiritual conversations with children, teach them how to live according to spiritual laws and tell fascinating stories from the Holy Writ in natural atmosphere of the Sunday school.

To support a children's desire to communicate, to self-express and develop children's talents, young and talented teachers, having reach Christian worldview and live according to Christian laws, carry out the lessons in school. These lessons are directed at awakening of creative development of a child. In spite of the different age of the children, all together they learn to draw with paints and pencils, sculpture with clay and plasticine, lace with bugles, make greeting cards and fantastic crafts from coloured paper and other unexpected and interesting materials. Also during the lessons children are taught to speak English and French in form of games.

There is the exhibition of the children's crafts in the Temple. The pupils of the Sunday school prepare the presents for their friends and relatives with their own hands. With great pleasure they take part in the Christmas Nativity Play and festive performances. This has become the tradition in the Cathedral of Transfiguration of the Lord, which is situated in Kyiv, near Osokorky underground station.

Conscious aspiration of the Christ's community to teach children how to live according to the God's laws, awake the love to creative work and perception of the beauty of the world is the guaranty for the good and happy future both in the family and in the state. Because this future will be shined with God's blessing.